January 13, 2009 Start-up Xtreme Green is set to release several new and highly desirable electricity-powered machines in 2009, including a 4kW (5.4 bhp) motorcycle, a 3kW (4 bhp) scooter, a 250 pound Jetboard for watersport enthusiasts with a top speed of 35 mph, and three-wheeled Police Mobility Vehicle (see image gallery). The 266 pound lightweight motorcycle is the one that appears most likely to succeed in the marketplace in the short term, with a top speed of 65 mph, 2-3 hour plug-in charge time for the built-in battery charger, and a range of nearly 100 miles. Pricing has just been announced at US$7000 and with that much power and negligible running costs, we suspect the new company has lucked out in delivering the right product at the right time.

The bike features a 72 volt, 4000 watt hub motor in the rear wheel, and runs on a 40 Amp Hour, 72 Volt Lithium Ion (LFP) Battery with computerized Battery Management System for optimum usage of stored power and extra long life – the batteries are claimed to last 2000 charges - about 7 years based on one charge per day.

The motorcycle is ready for release in the next few weeks, and the company is currently seeking dealerships around the United States – if you’re interested in representing an electric motorcycle with the prospect of several lucrative EV products in diverse market arenas to follow, go here.

The Xtreme Green Jetboard is a new personal watercraft measuring 90-inches long by 28-inches wide with a weight of 250 pounds. It has a max speed of 35 mph and the self contained lithium battery packs will run the Xtreme Green Jetboard for approximately one to two continuous hours based on how hard you run it. The biggest advantage of having an electric water sports machine is obvious – it will enable the PWC access to lakes and areas that no longer allow gas engines of any type on their water surfaces. This not only expands the market possibilities in the U.S., but also in many parts of the world that have outlawed the usage of gas engines in wildlife areas.

“There's been a lot of demand with the motorcycles and police mobility vehicles, so we've been tied up with getting those to the market and that has kept us from the jetboards, though those are next on the list”, said Xtreme Green Products’ David M. Isserman.

“The Jetboard is still under development and we haven't finished the final design yet, so I can’t give you definitive details just yet”, said Isserman.

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