A second window of opportunity has opened for those who didn't manage to secure an R1M last March when the track-ready superbike sold out in a matter of weeks. Yamaha has now announced a second production run, alongside a 60th anniversary limited edition of the base model.

Yamaha unveiled its latest generation YZF-R1 last November in two versions. The R1M was essentially a race-oriented upgrade of the basic model, featuring a carbon fiber costume, electronic Ohlins suspension and a datalogging system that complemented the impressive electronic package of the R1. It was scheduled for a limited production of a few hundred, with pre-designated quantities for each country and an online ordering protocol. With a price tag of $22,000 in the US and a range of €22,000 to €25,000 in Europe, by March 31 it was already sold out.

Now Yamaha has announced that a second production run of R1Ms is about to start and the customer applications' system will go online on October 1. So far there are no details as to the number of motorcycles to be produced or the allocation of bikes by country.

Along with the new R1M production, the Yamaha Racing Experience program is set to continue. Designed exclusively for the customers of the R1M, a series of track days at some of the world's best race tracks aim to employ the expertise of renowned riders like Colin Edwards in order to help the R1M owners get the best out of their motorcycles.

As for the basic YZF-R1, although the motorcycle is not expected to change at all for 2016, Yamaha unveiled a 60th Anniversary special model which will also be offered in an undefined limited quantity.

The special R1 features the trademark yellow "speedblock" color scheme and is equipped with an Akrapovic slip-on exhaust can. The legendary yellow livery – fashioned after Kenny Roberts Sr. and Yamaha USA's racing motorcycles from the late 1970s – was officially revealed during the Bol d' Or World Endurance race on September 18 and will be available from Yamaha dealers in December.

See the 60th Anniversary R1 in action in the following video just released by Yamaha.

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