Delivering food with an airborne drone has developed into an odd trend in recent months, and now a sushi place in London is dispatching a UAV that doesn't even need to leave the restaurant. To promote its new rice burger, Yo Sushi outfitted a quadcopter with a food tray and is having waiters fly it to tables using an iPad.

The UK-based restaurant chain decided presenting its Yo Burger to patrons atop a small aircraft would emphasize the lightness of the new dish, both in terms of weight and calories. In the past, we've seen UAVs modified to carry beer, pizza, and burritos to hungry customers, but those were intended for much longer distances.

Calling it the iTray (missing the chance to coin the term sushicopter), the waitstaff guides the quadcopter using motion controls on a Wi-Fi-connected iPad. At the same time, two built-in HD cameras allow the staff back in the kitchen to know exactly when a meal has been served.

It's certainly one way to create a memorable dining experience, even if it is a clear gimmick. Of course, so is getting clipped by a propeller and having a plate a food dumped in your lap, so let's just hope those waiters are decent pilots.

Right now, the sushi chain is testing its flying waiter at its Soho location in London, but plans to bring the iTray to the rest of the UK next year.

Check out the video below to see the sushi-bearing quadcopter in action.

Source: Yo Sushi

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