Put yourself in the spotlight - and into your favorite movie scenes - with Yoostar. Consisting of a 'studio-grade' webcam, a portable green screen, a remote control, and PC software, Yoostar lets you act out roles from your favorite films while recording your performance and digitally adding it to the original. You can insert yourself into scenes alongside Marilyn Monroe or the Blues Brothers and save your movie as a YouTube-ready clip. Yoostar comes with 12 movie scenes and two bonus scenes, with additional clips available for download from Yoostar’s website.

While the quality of the green screen effect is not up to Imax standards, Yoostar looks like a fun way to liven up your next party or to amuse your friends while you’re taking a break from playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The company has licensing agreements with studios like Paramount, MGM, Universal, and even the Sesame Workshop for about 8,000 movie scenes and television clips. Most clips run from one to three minutes.

Yoostar is available now for Windows with a suggested price of USD$169. A Mac version is planned for the future.