The convenience of a wireless Bluetooth connection over the snarl of headphone cables is obvious, but some manufacturers are still sticking with the tried-and-true wired approach. One such company, Zipbuds, had created zipper-styled, tangle-resistant earphones and has launched the Zipbuds Slide, which feature a zipperless zipper.

Rather than the interlocking teeth zipper design found in the original Zipbuds, the Zipbuds Slide earbuds use a zero-friction slider in conjunction with ridge-and-groove designed cables. This is similar to the mechanism found on resealable Ziploc bags and allows users to separate or bring the cables together by moving the slider up and down, thus helping prevent tangles.

In addition to this patented technology, the Zipbuds Slide feature ZBXi Ultimate Drivers and an angled ear tip that is designed to keep the earbuds comfortable and prevent them slipping out of place when working out. To top it all off, the earphones include an in-line remote with noise-filtering microphone for track control and hands-free calling.

The Zipbuds Slide come in four different colors for US$49.99. Even though each unit has been designed to last with military-grade fibers and protective strain reliefs, the company offers a 50 percent discount if you need to replace a broken pair.

Source: Zipbuds

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