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New functionality for Zoombak A-GPS locators

New functionality for Zoombak ...
Zoombak A-GPS Locators
Zoombak A-GPS Locators
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Zoombak A-GPS Locators
Zoombak A-GPS Locators

August 5, 2008 Following the release of the basic GPS Locator product earlier this year, Zoombak has begun its roll-out of additional functionality with the release of "Mobile Location Requests", a feature that lets users find their Zoombak in real-time from any cell phone.

Zoombak is a small receiver/transmitter device weighing just 2.5oz that can be either installed into a vehicle or kept portable for other uses. The Zoombak comes in three distinct products – A-GPS Car and Family Locator, A-GPS Dog Locator and A-GPS Universal Locator. The Car and Family Locator comes with a car mount, while the dog locator is designed to fit onto Fido’s collar. The Universal Locator comes with its own pouch and is designed to keep track of your valuables, like your bicycle or backpack.

Zoombak combines the coverage of cellular networks and the power of global positioning satellites to provide consumers with accurate, real-time location information. Users access to setup custom safety zones around virtually any location including homes, parks, malls and schools. When the device crosses one of the virtual boundaries, a text message or email alert promptly notifies users of the location of the device. This means if your car is stolen, it is easily traceable using the network.

The new Mobile Location Requests feature works by allowing users to text “FIND” to ZMBAK and Zoombak quickly sends a text message back with its current location. The feature caters for up to five mobile phones which are protected using confidential PIN numbers.

The long-life batteries in Zoombaks can last up to five days on standby or up to 150 location requests before needing recharging. Zoombak pricing starts from US$199, with service plans starting at $9.99 per month. This service is currently only available to US customers.

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