Olympia, Washington-based Zyl Vardos consistently produces some of the most eye-catching tiny houses around, like the Moon Dragon for example. The firm's latest model, the Fuchsia, stands out from the crowd with an unusual roofline that angles downward. Inside, the compact home sleeps two people and features a high quality finish.

The Fuchsia measures just 24 ft (7.3 m) long, so is on the smaller side for an American tiny house, which tend to be around 30 ft (9 m) in length. It's clad in cedar and weighs a total of 10,250 lb (4,649 kg). Design-wise, Zyl Vardos drew inspiration from the American Craftsman style for this project (think bungalows with distinctive gabled roofs).

Access to the towable dwelling is gained by a few steps and a stable door with decorative stained glass window. The interior is finished in wood. With its compact size, there's not a whole lot of room to play with, but the decently-proportioned living room has a high ceiling (with skylights), so it doesn't seem too cramped in there, judging from the photos at least.

The nearby kitchen area is a lot more snug and includes propane-powered range oven, a small sink, and shelving (it's not fully-furnished yet so fridge, etc, haven't been installed).

A compact sliding door separates the kitchen and the bathroom. This obviously isn't ideal, but with the size constraints it appears there was nowhere else to put it. The bathroom itself features a pebble tile floor and includes a flushing toilet and concrete shower cubicle.

Storage-integrated stairs lead to a small loft bedroom (there's also a sizable closet under the stairs offering more storage). Unfortunately, some room up there is lost due to the jutting down ceiling.

The Fuchsia gets all its power from a standard RV-style hookup and hot water comes from an on-demand propane-powered water heater. The model pictured has already been sold to a client in California but the price to build another one would be US$90,000.

Source: Zyl Vardos

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