Bowlboard makes light work of food preparation

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Bowlboard helps you to prepare food quickly and easily

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Whether it be high-tech automation or just clever design, I love gadgets that make life in the kitchen easier. So you’ll understand why I’m enamored with the Bowlboard – it’s a clever take on the chopping board which will have you preparing food like a real professional in no time.

Designed by an Australian product designer, Kain Lucas, the Bowlboard was created specifically for food preparation. It features four inlaid bowls that are used to separate ingredients and lift out of the board when you’re ready to add ingredients to the dish. The bowls sit flush to the surface of the board so you can add food to them with a simple scrape of the knife. No mess, no fuss.

Much like the Transfer chopping board, it’s the simplicity of the US$69 Bowlboard that makes it such a clever kitchen gadget.

View gallery - 2 images

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