Olympia, Washington-based small living specialist Zyl Vardos has just put the finishing touches to its latest tiny house, the Moon Dragon. Featuring impressive workmanship and a whimsical design that looks like it belongs in an old-fashioned fairytale, the off-grid dwelling boasts a roomy layout and plenty of storage space inside.

Moon Dragon measures 13.1 x 9 x 24 ft (4 x 2.7 x 7.3 m) and is clad in Onduvilla shingles. Entering via the hand-built Dutch-style doors, visitors are greeted with a large 9 x 24 ft (2.7 x 7.31 m) main floor and a 9 x 13 ft (2.7 x 4 m) loft. The finish looks high-quality throughout. The cabinetry and walls are made from a mahogany ply, the floor is cork, and the arched ceiling comprises composite cedar tongue and groove.


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The main living area will feature a small wood-burning stove (soon to be installed at time of writing) for heat, while the kitchen features laminated oak counters and a Range cooker with five burners and two ovens. An energy-efficient fridge and washing machine are installed, plus lots of storage space is available – including a small pantry.

Further toward the rear of the home lies a bathroom with concrete panel-lined shower and a hand-made sink, in addition to a composting toilet.

Access to the single bedroom is gained via storage-integrated stairs. The entrance is flanked by a pair of large closets, while the bedroom itself is relatively spacious for a tiny house, with enough room to position a double bed sideways or lengthway, and sporting a 5.5 ft (1.67 m) high ceiling.

Moon Dragon features a standard hookup so it can get its power from the grid, but also has a full solar kit so that it can operate off-the-grid, too.

As you've probably guessed, this isn't one of the cheaper tiny houses we've covered (or that Zyl Vardos has produced, for that matter) and the time taken hand-making the intricate detailing, in addition to the the materials used, mean the price comes in at around US$96,000.

Source: Zyl Vardos

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