Red Bull and GoPro need to get their act together, because the #1 craziest extreme promo video on the internet today belongs to a shoe company. Representing DC Shoes, Australian motorcycle daredevil Robbie Madison has dropped into a massive Tahitian wave and surfed it – on a lightly modified KTM dirt bike. This is one of the most supremely ridiculous and jaw-dropping things we've ever seen.

The bike appears to be a KTM 350cc 2-stroke, with a big fat paddle tire on the rear. While we've seen dirtbikes aquaplaning at top speed on a still body of water before, Madison needed some extra help out there in the surf, so it seems they've built him a couple of small platforms either side of his front and rear tyres to give him a bit of lift as he gasses it through the waves.

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More details are sure to emerge soon and we'd love a behind the scenes on this gorgeous video. But for now, just watch the damn thing, over and over again, and marvel at the times we live in.

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