Ongoing advances in all-electric drive trains have opened up some radical design possibilities for e-bikes, and while many of the electric motorcycles we've seen stick to a conventional layout, others are definitely looking to push into territory where only highly-customized bikes dare to tread - Britain's Agility Saietta, Canada's Lito Sora and now out of Japan - the zecOO.

Designed Kota Nezu of Znug Design, the zecOO was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in March and is reportedly headed for small scale production.


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The zecOO immediately grabs you with its single sided swing-arm, hub-center steering and long, raking (if not practical) windshield, but the performance specs aren't quite as bad-ass as the low-rider aesthetic. The bike makes 55 to 85 miles (88 and 136 km) on a single charge, has a 75 mph (120 km/h) top speed and takes six hours to charge ... so while it's not exactly in the superbike club, it still stands-up in the all-electric crowd.

The price stands out to - the zecOO is expected to cost around 6 million Yen (US$70,000).

Source: Znug Design via BikeEXIF

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