Champions of clean emission boating will be thrilled to know that rapid progress is being made in the field and much larger boats can now be powered by electric motors than ever before. Australian electric outboard motor specialist All4Solar has announced a 30 hp version of its Aquawatt electric motor which will become the most powerful electric outboard motor in the world. Due for launch at next month's Sanctuary Cove Boat Show on Australia's Gold Coast, the 30 hp (22 kw) Aquawatt is claimed to be three times more powerful than any other manufacturer's electric outboard.

Two versions of the Aquawatt motor are available – 20 hp (13 kw) and the 30 hp (22 kw), both driven by AC motors and powered by 48 V or 80 V LIFEPO4 batteries. As All4Solar's name suggests, it can also sell all the gear to enable the batteries to be charged by photovoltaic solar panels, with a charger from the grid or by generator. Anyone who operates a petrol outboard in a marine environment will no doubt be eager to finally have a viable alternative to existing petrol engines for larger boats. Electric outboards are more cost efficient to run, much quieter, are maintenance free and generate no hazardous emission at all.

The new 30hp engine can achieve speeds of more than 50 km/h (31 mph) with a four meter boat.

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