Acura has really been playing the long game with the 2017 NSX, developing the car over the course of years and trickling information out bits at a time. If we're counting concept cars, we've been waiting nearly four years for this moment: the arrival of pricing and ordering details. Acura's range-topping sports car will go on sale in a couple of months, starting at US$156,000.

Since Acura has had the auto world wondering and speculating so long, we'll just get right to the meat of the story: the 2017 NSX starts at $156,000 before the $1,800 destination charge. The model tops out at $207,500 with that destination fee and all available factory options and features added on.

What will that money buy you? You can read all the ins and outs in our coverage of the NSX world premiere, subsequently released details and even more details, but as a quick recap, the new NSX features a 573-hp (427 kW) hybrid drive with twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine, three electric motors and a nine-speed transmission. The mid-mounted V6 powers the rear wheels with help from the direct drive rear motor, and the other two electric motors power the front wheels. With this layout, the NSX is able to deliver instantaneous torque during acceleration and better control in the twists.

Acura will auction off the very first NSX (VIN 001) at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale, Arizona auction next month. Proceeds will go to two children's charities: the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground. The auction winner will be able to customize the NSX to his or her liking.

Regular customers will be able to order their own NSXs in a choice of eight colors and four interior color packages beginning on February 25. Acura plans to launch an online configurator at that time to aid them in the process.

Source: Acura

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