Utah's Alpine Tiny Homes, the firm responsible for the Tiny Giant, recently completed an interesting new tiny house for a mother and her son. The aptly-named Artist runs off-the grid with solar power and its unusual layout includes a small artist's studio that enables the creative owner to enjoy painting and sketching.

The Artist measures 28 ft (8.5 m)-long and is based on a triple-axle trailer. It's clad in tongue and groove siding, with metal accenting. Inside, the dwelling has a total floorspace of 280 sq ft (26 sq m) and the floor is decked out in bamboo, while the countertops are made from beetle kill pine.

Visitors enter into the living room, which has a breakfast bar and kitchen nearby. This latter area features a large copper sink, full-size appliances and storage space, including a pantry. The bathroom, meanwhile, has a bath/shower, composting toilet, copper sink, and a small doggy door.

The master bedroom is located in the gooseneck (raised) area of the trailer and is reached by a staircase with integrated cat flap that leads outside. A sliding door offers privacy and the room has enough headroom to stand up – a luxury in a tiny house. The artist's loft (picture below) is directly next to the bedroom, in a raised loft area.

The owner's 12-year-old son sleeps in the dwelling's loft bedroom, which is reached by another staircase. It looks relatively spacious, though does have the typical tiny house-style low ceiling. Alpine Tiny Homes installed a 24-inch TV and some storage units for the boy's gaming systems.

The Artist runs off-the-grid and receives all electricity from a roof-based 1.5 kW solar array that's hooked up to a Goal Zero battery system to ensure the juice keeps flowing when the sun isn't shining. Both the oven and water heater are powered by propane.

The Artist was sold for US$75,000.

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