This futuristic, zero emissions hovercraft concept won't be gracing our wilderness zones any time soon but it definitely merits a mention. Dubbed the "Aqua Volkswagen," the concept was created by Zhang Yuhan, a 21 year old graduate in Industrial Design at Xihua University, China. The concept is a finalist submission in the CDN China Car Awards, a competition created to reward the creativity of young designers. The brief for entrants was to create a "Chinese off-road vehicle" by Volkswagen with "go-anywhere" capabilities to tackle the vast expanse of wild countryside in China.

Reminding us of the amphibious three-wheeler concept from this year's Michelin Challenge, the zero emissions hovercraft is a supported by a cushion of air and capable of crossing a range of surfaces including: lakes, rivers, wetlands, dirt roads, snow and ice. It is driven by electric and hydrogen fuel cell motors, including four propellers for the propulsion of the vehicle. The lines of this concept are "amphibious" clean, linear and simple, with equally minimalist external and internal features. It is designed for two passengers but we're just wondering how they actually get in?! Could it be that small round hatch at the rear of the vehicle, I surely hope not!

Source: Diseno-art

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