Companies such as Vapur and Camelbak tout the health and environmental benefits of their water bottles over bottled water. NKD Aqua toes that line but targets the luxury bottled water market by claiming its Pod replicates mountain spring water.

The NKD Aqua Pod's filtration system is made from activated coconut carbon, volcanic materials and an anti-bacterial filter, which the company claims "supercharges the water with natural minerals and electrolytes as found in nature."

The company experimented with mountain stream water, observing that the water from these regions passed through a series of natural vortices and was declustered, meaning it exhibits a reduction of surface tension and is better able to carry nutrients and oxygen. It was also slightly alkaline and charged with trace minerals and electrolytes which the company says provide improved hydration properties.

This research culminated in the company's FILTRON filtration system for which it has a patent currently pending. The company says each filter can process 175 L (46 US gal) of water – approximately 300 refills – and recommends a replacement every two months.

The bottle, which can hold 585 ml (19.8 oz) of water, is made from GRILAMID TR90 (a transparent polyamide) and features the "nkd Super Flo System" that features a squeezable "motion pad." Basically, the harder the user squeezes, the heavier the flow of water from the spout.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign for the nkd AQUA POD has raised over £2,700 (US$4,420) of its £25,000 (US$41,000) goal, offering the water bottle for a £15 (US$24.50) pledge with shipping estimated for February 2014. It is currently available in blue, yellow, red and black.

You can hear more from the team behind the NKD Aqua Pod in the team's video pitch below.

Source: NKD Aqua

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