Audi commenced mass production yesterday of its e-tron, the brand's first fully electric SUV. Notable for its fast 150-kW charging capability, the e-tron will launch in a couple of weeks in a live web event from San Francisco.

The Brussels-based manufacturing plant where Audi's building the e-tron is notable in and of itself as "the world's first certified CO2-neutral production line" – at least, in the premium segment. So it's nice to see Audi addressing emissions from the manufacturing standpoint as well as the tailpipe.

The company has avoided partnerships in the process of getting its electric division off the ground, preferring to develop in-house competencies in battery and powertrain design and production.

The single image we get here tells us little about what the e-tron will look like under the covers, but it does seem to have taken some grill and headlight shape ideas from the original e-tron quattro concept we saw in 2015.

All questions will be answered on September 17, when the e-tron is unveiled in a live web event. Stay tuned!

Source: Audi