The wildest concept cars of the year

The wildest concept cars of t...
There's no mistaking what car is in front of you
There's no mistaking what car is in front of you
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Auto shows may have screeched to a sudden halt in 2020, but that hasn't stopped design teams cutting loose with an array of futuristic four-wheeled creations. While most are much closer to the drawing board than the production line, they do give shape to some of the technologies we could see emerging over the coming decade ... as well as some we definitely won't.

Topping our list is a hypercar that does have a realistic chance of hitting the highway, at least in very limited numbers – the 1,825-hp, 500 km/h Bugatti Bolide. Hit us up with your favorite automotive concepts from 2020 in the comments section below.

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I have been a long time skeptic of putting legs (instead of wheels) on Robots. Hyundai seems to take their concept seriously as they recently paid about $1.1 billion to acquire Youtube content creator Boston dynamics. The problem I see with it is they have many small moving parts on the leg structure that must carry the full vehicle weight. Add a lot of dirt/grime and they are going to be pretty high maintenance when most terrain it's intended to traverse can already be done so by rock crawlers with 4 large diameter wheels that can be built and worked on by teenagers instead of billion dollar robotics companies. If you were to put it through the stress of taking it off of a ramp for instance the legs would likely be badly mangled and broken. That means if it slips and falls there is a low survival rate for parts that are expensive and difficult to spare in locations where maintenance will be challenging. It's a design that will work OK if you have a team of support people and a maintenance trailer to support 15 minutes of operation at a time for some cool Youtube footage and fails spectacularly otherwise.