Batman’s Tumbler is one of the most recognizable vehicles from the silver screen. But whereas the raw sheet metal, oversized tires and anti-personnel cannons of the full-sized Batmobile are all about catching villains, Marc Irvin’s mini-Tumbler golf cart is geared towards navigating the sand traps and water hazards of Gotham City.

Designed for movie director/producer Ray Griggs by Marc Irvin of Marc's Creature Company, the miniaturized Tumbler was made out of Grigg’s love for the Batman franchise. The customized golf cart had been driving about movie set lots until recently, when it sold on ebay for US$17,500.

Working off an EZ-Go golf cart Irvin’s team stripped the cart down to its bare frame then set about hand crafting the mini-Tumbler. A hand sculpted cowl with fake exhaust port was custom-made to replicate an afterburner on the back end, twin aerodynamic wings were mounted over the passenger compartment (clearly to retain downforce at speed), while wrap around sheet metal and glass is in place to protect occupants from errant Titleist products.

To keep the cart on the fairway there's a 4-link rear suspension with coil-overs, while custom-made, dual 28-inch Super Swamper tires on the back end should handle sand traps and water hazards. A 48 V, 4600 rpm go-kart motor developing 6 hp replaced the existing EZ cart unit, reportedly giving the mini-Tumbler enough power to hit 38 mph (61 km/h) on the links. Beefed up rear disc brakes were also added to deal with the extra weight.

Inside the attention to authenticity of the Tumbler continues. Adjustable leather seats, four cup holders, iPad with stand, secret kill switch and a Batman logo on the sports steering column keep the experience Bat-genuine. Rear warning backup buzzers, lights and side mirrors were added because with all that sheet metal, rear visibility is pretty much nil, while shoulder checking is right out of the question. Also a special Batman inspired horn was installed to ensure golfers are taken seriously as they approach the 19th hole.

Irvin is currently working on a kit version of the mini-Tumbler – the Mini Tumbler 2 – based on the first model. It will cost US$32,000 for a complete version, or for do-it-yourself clients he will sell you a kit, which would contain all the unique Tumbler parts, sheet metal, etc. The kit would cost out around US$9,500 and the customer would be responsible for acquiring their own EZ-GO cart, wiring, and finishing the build.

Irvin is also working on a full-sized "Tribute" Tumbler re-creation through his Hollywood design studio.

Readers can see the entire build from start to finish in the clips below.

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