With its new car charger and dock accessories for iPhone and iPad set to ship the middle of November, it looks as if Belkin will be the first third-party manufacturer of Lightning accessories to reach the market. While the Car Charger 2.1 AMP will charge all of Apple's current Lightning devices (including the iPhone 5, iPad mini and 4th-gen iPad), the Charge + Sync Dock is designed specifically for iPhone 5.

Charge + Sync Dock

Most eye-catching of the two is undoubtedly the Charge + Sync Dock. The rather svelte-looking accessory cradles an iPhone 5 while taking up no additional width. The dock includes a fold-away audio jack and auxiliary port so that it can be connected to either headphones or speakers.

The user will need to supply a standard Apple Lightning Cable which will run through a channel in the base of the dock, so there may be the expense of an extra cable to consider if the dock is to become a second or third charging location. The dock also includes a removable magnetic base.

Car Charger 2.1 AMP

The Car Charger 2.1 AMP is exactly what you'd expect, connecting your Apple Lighting device to your car's cigarette lighter socket. The device draws 10 watts at 2.1 amps over its 4-ft (1.2-m) cable. The device will sit alongside Belkin's existing Car Charger 1 AMP for older Apple devices.

Pricing and availability

Belkin says that both the Car Charger 2.1 AMP and the Charge + Sync Dock will be available to pre-order from November 7, and are set to ship by November 15. Both accessories are priced at US$29.99.
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