Chances are, you probably don't like it when a courier leaves a delivered package just sitting on your doorstep – what's to stop someone from stealing it? Well, that's why BoxLock Home was created. It's a padlock that only the courier and yourself (or someone of your choosing) can open.

The idea is that the BoxLock will be locked onto on a user-supplied lidded box, on your doorstep. That box will in turn be attached to the deck or the wall, so it can't just be picked up by a passing thief.

When a courier arrives with your parcel, they simply hold the lock up to the shipping label, and press a button on top. This allows a barcode reader on the bottom of the lock to scan the barcode on the label. The lock then connects to your home Wi-Fi network, and accesses the internet to check that a) the parcel is addressed to you, and b) that it's scheduled to be out for delivery that day.

As long as both of those criteria are met, the lock then opens. This allows the courier to open the box, stick the parcel inside, then close it and relock it. The BoxLock subsequently remains locked until another delivery is made, or until you wirelessly unlock it via an app on your smartphone.

That app will also notify you each time the lock has been opened, letting you know which parcel has arrived. The system is currently compatible with Amazon, FedEx, UPS and USPS shipments. Of course, if you're going with Amazon and don't mind the courier opening your front door, you could also use the Amazon Key service.

The BoxLock padlock itself is weatherproof, and should operate for up to 30 days on one charge of its battery. It's currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of US$94 will get you one. The planned retail price is $129.

It's demonstrated in the following video.

Source: Kickstarter

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