The outdoor industry is a pretty good place to look for clever space-saving ideas at work, whether they be small and lightweight tents or chairs that pack down to a water-bottle size. Another case in point is The Splitter, a simple multi-use utensil that cuts down on kitchen clutter at camp and packs up snugly when not in use.

The Splitter is made up of two components – a long spork and a spatula – that can join forces to become a set of tongs. They do so by way of of a keyhole slot at the base of the spork's handle that accommodates and locks a pin in place at the base of the spatula's handle. From there, the one-millimeter thick (0.03 in) titanium material offers just the right amount of flex for you to get your tong on.

This simple but clever invention should cover a wide range of food-related needs, both during prep and during dinner time. The spatula features a serrated edge to make incisions in food for safety checks (no one likes undercooked meat, especially in the middle of nowhere), while the spork can be used for both serving and eating.

When it comes time to head back to civilization, The Splitter's components can simply be dismantled, flipped around and held in place with another joining slot near the top of the handle. In this form, its dimensions measure just 25 cm x 6 cm (10 x 2.3 in), while all up it weights just 50 g (1.8 oz).

Full Windsor, the outdoor company behind The Splitter (along with the existing Breaker cycling multitool), has turned to Kickstarter to gather funds for production, with early pledges of US$39 still available at the time of writing. Shipping is planned for February if everything goes to plan, you can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Full Windsor

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