Casa Parásito (Parasite House), by El Sindicato Arquitectura, is the latest in a long line of parasitic architecture we've covered and offers an interesting take on tiny living. Rather than sitting on wheels like most tiny houses we come across, this model is installed on the roof of an existing inner-city building.

Casa Parásito is located in Ecuador's capital Quito and was completed earlier this year. Though it can also be placed on terra firma if required, the focus of the project is to install it atop existing buildings.

"Although it is possible to build the project in urban or rural plots without existing constructions, ideally its construction should occur on underused rooftops of urban edifications that are structurally sound," explains El Sindicato Arquitectura. "Buildings where one can connect to the existing water, waste and electrical grids. In this way, we can contribute to the densification of the city from a very small scale, with a minimum of economic investment and use of resources, as well as contributing to the conservation of the architectural heritage."

The tiny house is based on a classic A-frame. It sports steel cladding and the north-facing facade is made up of glazing and a door, while the south-facing facade is frosted glass.

The interior measures just 12 sq m (129 sq ft) and is finished in utilitarian OSB (oriented strand board) on the walls and floor. Coconut fiber is used for insulation and the home is affixed to the building with steel fastenings. Inside, a good chunk of the available space is taken up by the living area, which includes seating and a table that doubles up as a dining area and home office.

Adjacent to this is a basic kitchenette with a four-burner propane-powered stove, a sink, fridge, and some shelving. A bathroom with shower and toilet is nearby, reached by a door. There's just one bed in Casa Parásito, which is in a small loft-style sleeping area above.

The Casa Parásito model shown was built as a prototype and is currently occupied by one of El Sindicato Arquitectura's partners. In the future, the firm aims to increase the scope of the project and produce more, though we've no word on the expected cost at this stage.

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