Unfold and go - the Citibot kayak

Unfold and go - the Citibot kayak
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For those who love getting out on the water, but lack the extra space required to store a recreational vessel, comes the Citbot Folding Kayak. Lightweight and easily assembled, the kayak can carry up to 95kg and folds down into a convenient backpack weighing just 11kg.

Folding watercraft are certainly nothing new, with recent examples ranging from fishing boats to catamarans. And, although folding kayaks have been around since the turn of last century, they certainly haven't often been designed to store in a bag that can be slung over a shoulder and carried to the nearest body of water.

The ten foot long Citibot can be assembled in around ten minutes, with the frame being put together first, then placed inside the skin. An adjustable stern mechanism controls tension, while two full-length inflatable tubes called sponsons attach to either side to help keep the craft upright.

The latest foray for long established US kayak manufacturer Folbot, the Citibot also features a newly designed seat with inflatable adjustable firmness, with the seat frame providing structural support for the cockpit. Available in eight colors, the Citibot provides a nifty solution for those enthusiasts lacking either the storage space for a traditional watercraft or the means to transport it.

The Citibot is available from the Folbot website from around US$1200.

Check out the vid below for an assembly demonstration.

Citibōt Assembly

Nikki Brown
My husband loves his kayak but it is so cumbersome to take anywhere. Thanks for sharing about this. I'll pass it along
Ariel Dahan
We cannot say it is a brand new. Nautiraid presents exactly the same offer since 1935...
Kashif Mir
The Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks though require a slightly larger bag are far better and sturdier as they are rated for rapids as well. This kayak seems to be for only calm waters only.
Re-inventing the wheel huh ? Read Wikepedia about Johannes Klepper in 1906. GMK