Handcrafted Movement, the firm behind the Urban Craftsman, recently completed a new tiny house called the Coastal Craftsman. Featuring an attractive exterior and a relatively spacious-looking interior layout, the 28 ft (8.5 m)-long towable dwelling is also inexpensive to run.

If the Coastal Craftsman looks rather familiar, it's probably because the exterior of the home is very similar to Handcrafted Movement's previous Pacific Harmony model, though without the large porch. It's based on a triple-axle trailer and clad in board and batten siding, with Pacific Cedar accenting, and is topped by a standing seam metal roof.

The home gets power from a standard RV-style hookup. Handcrafted Movement told us that the running costs of one of these homes should be between US$12 - $25 per month for electricity. We'd guess that its water and propane gas requirements would be reasonably low too, though have no figure on those.

The living room features a large sofa that has integrated storage and turns into a bed. Nearby lies some shelving, an electric fireplace and TV, and both a dining table and a small desk area. The kitchen has a fair amount of storage space and includes a coffee preparation area, four-burner propane-powered range cooker, fridge/freezer, and sink.

The Coastal Craftsman's bathroom is at the other side of the home and has a standard flushing toilet, a shower, and a vanity unit with sink and storage space. There's just one bedroom in the home, which is a standard loft bedroom with enough space for a double bed. It's accessed by staircase, which has an adjacent storage area.

The Coastal Craftsman has already been sold to a customer but was priced at $72,500.

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