If you drive a truck for living, a sat/nav can be a handy business tool. With most of these units designed for car users, the market for dedicated trucking units has expanded in recent times. The latest offering from Cobra Electronics – the 7750 Platinum – includes a 7-inch screen, 3D maps and 33,000 points of interest targeted at truck drivers and according to Cobra the industry’s best last-mile routing.

Points of interest include fuel stops, weigh stations, truck-friendly hotels, repair shops. The unit also features hours-of-service logging with tracking of on-duty, off-duty and driving time, along with "Junction View with Lane Assist" for highway mergers and large intersections.

"Quick-Tabs" allow drivers to see critical information such as the distances to weigh stations, travel centers, truck-friendly rest areas and mile markers at a glance. Cobra says the 7750 Platinum’s map is rated highest in route quality and reliability, based on the results of certified quality testing. There's also more than 12 million standard Tele Atlas POIs and branded icons, which provides business logos so drivers can identify specific brands of interest.

The Cobra 7750 Platinum is available throughout the U.S. for around US$500.

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