Despite their drawbacks, there's definitely something appealing about recycling a shipping container into a viable home. With this in mind, Brighton, Colorado-based tiny house firm Walker Wilderness Enterprises recently completed the aptly-named Container Tiny House which can be configured to run on or off-the-grid.

The Container Tiny House is based on a large 40 ft (12 m)-long high cube container and has a single door and several operable windows installed. The interior comprises a total floorspace of 320 sq ft (29 sq m).

We've written at length about our appreciation for shipping container-based architecture, but their lack of insulation poses real concerns – just try walking inside a container on a hot day and it's obvious that it would need significant modification to make it suitable for full-time living. A few windows simply won't cut it.

To address this, Walker Wilderness Enterprises says it has framed, drywalled, and insulated the container home with 3 - 4 in (7.62 - 10.16 cm) of closed cell spray foam insulation in an attempt to keep the heat and cold at bay.

Inside, the home features two bedrooms (placed at opposite ends of the container), in addition to a kitchen/dining area, bathroom, and a small utility room. The bathroom includes a composting toilet and a shower, and the home is wired to an electrical hookup and includes plumbing fittings.

Lighting comes in the form of efficient LED lights and hot water comes from a tankless propane water heater. Optional extras include an oven, dishwasher, wood burning stove, a solar panel setup, generator, and a game cleaning station.

The Container Tiny House is currently up for sale and will set you back US$50,000.

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