English firm Contemporary Shepherd Huts recently completed its latest tiny house. The unnamed dwelling boasts all the rustic charm of the old-fashioned shepherd's hut, but adds some modern touches, including a generous skylight, kitchen, and bathroom with shower.

Shepherd's huts were traditionally used as a convenient way to get some shut-eye after a long day's work on the field, but with the advent of modern farming practices, they're obsolete. They do still make an attractive basis for a tiny house, however – as shown by Canadian firm Güte.

Contemporary Shepherd Huts makes units to order that can be used as an additional bedroom, office or, like the model pictured, a fully-fledged tiny house. Each is based on a steel chassis and sports cast iron wheels and draw bar. The floor is decked in reclaimed pine and the exterior is clad in corrugated steel. Double-glazed windows, foam and glass wool insulation keep the chill at bay.

The model pictured is topped by a long skylight that runs the length of the home, offering ample natural daylight. The skylight design is quite intricate and includes shading slats to ensure the interior doesn't become too hot in summer.

On the interior, the dwelling features a plush modern bathroom, accessed via a rusted pocket (sliding) door, with patterned zinc shower cubicle, toilet, and sink. The kitchen area features two hobs, a fridge freezer, and sink, while elsewhere in the small home lies a dining area and a bedroom. There's also a small veranda space at the front of the home.

"Designing and making small spaces is my passion, I like working within the constraints of limited space," says Contemporary Shepherd Huts boss Thomas Alabaster. "It is a challenge and one that forces you to be very considered in your choices, which often creates the unique character of a place. The spaces I design are tailor made for my clients, so that the building reflects its surroundings and the people who use it."

We've reached out to confirm the price and availability of the shepherd's hut pictured, but Contemporary Shepherd Huts typically start at £10,000 (US$14,156).

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