As popular and fast-growing a sport as stand-up paddleboarding has been, sometimes you just need to sit down and take a load off. A cross between a kayak and paddleboard, the CruiserBoard is a sit-down, stand-up paddleboard that gives paddlers more versatility than ever.

Its thermoplastic composite was developed for paddleboard use by California-based Bounce Composites, and offers a mix of low weight, resiliency and durability. CruiserBoard has crafted that composite into a uniquely shaped craft with a cathedral hull, molded-in keel, and extra high sides.

The sides are designed to help keep the deck drier, and a deck pad provides stable footing. The concave deck is said to provide better stability by lowering the paddler's center of gravity, and it also helps prevent the paddle from rolling off should the rider place it down on the board.

While the CruiserBoard looks a bit different from other paddleboards on its own, it really separates itself with its removable folding chair. That chair gives the board a ride more like a high, sit-atop kayak, a design that's directed at anglers, beginners and others that may feel more comfortable in a seated position.

The chair's trucks slide into the board's dual rails, providing easy front-back adjustment and removal. Those tracks are also built to work with Scotty accessories, allowing the owner to customize his craft. When flipped up, the chair serves as a stabilizing support that the paddler can lean against.

Given that switching from seated to standing position entails completely different paddling dynamics, CruiserBoard includes an adjustable Transformer paddle that switches from a single-blade, T-handle paddleboard paddle to a dual-blade kayak paddle.

CruiserBoard launched its sit-down, stand-up paddleboard in March and has been touring water-sport and boat shows ever since. The board + paddle package is available for US$2,590.

Source: CruiserBoard

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