For workers who are sat at a desk all day, health and fitness can be a concern. There are various solutions for desk-based workouts, such as the OfficeGym chair attachment and Active Desk workspace/exercise bike. The Cubii, meanwhile, is a compact elliptical trainer that fits under your desk.

Elliptical training at work isn't a new idea. Gizmag featured the Elliptical Machine Office Desk back in 2011 and no doubt other versions of the idea exist. The Elliptical Machine Office Desk, however, costs US$8,000 and appears somewhat over-engineered. Cubii, on the other hand, is small enough to slide under a desk, is easily portable (with a built-in carry-handle) and costs from $319.

Cubii is designed to provide smooth elliptical movement of the legs, while keeping the knees away from the underside of the user's desk. It aims to be simple enough for people to use unconsciously and without being distracted from their work. Similarly, it is designed to be quiet enough to avoid disturbing colleagues.

According to Cubii, users can expect to burn over 120 calories per hour using the device. The resistance of the device is adjustable, to ensure that it can be set to a level that the user finds comfortable and to avoid working the user so hard that they begin to perspire in work.

In addition to its primary functionality, Cubii connects to a mobile app via Bluetooth. Using the device's app, users can track their number of revolutions, distance traveled and calories burned. Resistance can be set via the app, trends can be tracked over time and progress can be shared over social media. The device is also compatible with existing third-party fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone Up and Fitbug.

Funds are being raised on Kickstarter for the production of Cubii. At the time of writing, over double the device's $80,000 target has been raised. Having met two Kickstarter stretch goals, the final device should include Bluetooth and smartphone charging capabilities, both exercise-powered.

Backers who pledge via Kickstarter can receive Cubii at a discounted price, assuming all goes to plan with the post-campaign production process. Alternatively, it can be pre-ordered now direct from the company. The device is expected to begin shipping in December 2014.

The video below provides an introduction to Cubii.

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