Ensure your dog's well-being for less during our Pre-Black Friday Sale

Ensure your dog's well-being for less during our Pre-Black Friday Sale
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When we start sneezing and our eyes start watering, we heave a big sigh and blame it on our allergies. Out come the meds, and we try to avoid those things that ail us. But what if allergies affect your dog? This Allergy Test My Pet Kit can help.

If animals could communicate better with us, they could actually tell us they are not feeling well. Instead, not unlike us, they itch, they scratch, they sneeze, they vomit. And often we tend to dismiss their actions, attributing to them to something totally unrelated, perhaps even going so far as getting annoyed by their behavior.

We generally do so much for our dogs—we buy them robots that shoot out treats when they are home alone. We give them smart balls that track their personal best. We even outfit them with their own umbrellas so that they stay dry in inclement weather. But when it comes to their health, we sometimes miss or ignore the signs that something may actually be wrong.

With this Allergy Test My Pet Kit, you will be able to get to the bottom of your furry best friend’s excessive licking, vomiting, and scratching. It is designed to measure approximately 100 common allergens that your dog may be reactive to, including food and environmental items, by analyzing the proteins found in your dog's saliva sample.

Affordable and easy to use, simply collect the sample using the included saliva collection device, and send it in. Along with a custom analysis of what your pup may be sensitive to, the results will include a list of foods and household products you should avoid exposing your pet to, including laundry and cleaning products, tobacco, and other household items.

Save your money and your vet trips, and get to the bottom of your dog’s well-being. Regularly priced at $99, during our Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters sale, the Allergy Test My Pet Kit is further discounted to $64.99. No coupon is needed, but don’t delay. This deal will only last a few days!

Prices subject to change