Dell SX2210T - multi-touch, Windows 7 ready, full HD monitor

Dell SX2210T - multi-touch, Wi...
Dell's SX22102 monitor offers multi-touch functionality
Dell's SX22102 monitor offers multi-touch functionality
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Dell's SX22102 monitor offers multi-touch functionality
Dell's SX22102 monitor offers multi-touch functionality
Users can tap, scroll, drag and drop their way around programs with the SX22102
Users can tap, scroll, drag and drop their way around programs with the SX22102

Spurred on by the release of Windows 7, the number of screens on the market offering the benefits of multi-touch functionality has jumped significantly in recent times. Acer, HP and Toshiba have released multi-touch notebooks and we've also seen multi-touch creep into the desktop and all-in-one PC arenas. Dell has had multi-touch PCs in its sights for a while and recently released the rugged Latitude multi-touch tablet. Now there's the Dell SX2210T – a 21.5 inch, 16:9 widescreen multi-touch monitor with full HD and integrated webcam.

The Windows 7 compatible optical touch screen caters for single-touch (Flick, Scroll, Tap, Drag) and multi-touch (Grab, Rotate, Double –Tap, Zoom In/ Out) interaction and can be used with a stylus or pointer as well as fingers.

The 2MP integrated webcam has two microphones and other key specs include a 1920 x 1080 resolution (at 60Hz), typical response time of 2ms, optimal brightness of 220cd/m2, 50,000:1 (max.) dynamic contrast ratio, 160 degree viewing angle. Connectivity is via Analog (VGA), DVI-D (HDCP), HDMI plus audio in/out and 4 x USB 2.0 ports.

The Dell multi-touch monitor is priced from US$469.

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1 comment
I just recently bought the Dell SX2210T Touch Screen Monitor and am having trouble getting the touch screen working. The display is fine, and the webcam works as well, which is why I\'m pretty sure it\'s not a hardware problem (i.e. my USB port works).
However, when I load the installation disk, I only have two options: \"TouchCam Software\" and \"User Guide\" (and \"Exit\" of course). There is no \"Touch Screen Tools\" option as claimed by the User Guide. Again, I\'ve already installed the TouchCam Software, and the webcam works, so I know everything\'s plugged in. I tried using the Windows Install New Hardware, and putting a direct path to the drivers folder on the CD, but Windows cannot find the driver.
I tried getting help online, but there is no Service Tag on my monitor. I also downloaded the Service Tag Active X control, allowed unsafe Active X controls to run (under Internet Options->Security), but that was not able to retrieve a Service Tag string. I tried the part number M036R on my shipping label, but that comes up as a product bought outside the United States. I tried calling 24/7 support, but the automated system keeps on saying my warranty is expired and I\'ll have to pay to talk to someone. I\'m assuming my purchase is not yet in the system and it\'s referring to a Dell product I bought a long time ago.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
EDIT: Update: After calling Dell Technical Support again, the person asked me if there was anything named Touch Screen Tools on the disk. I noticed that there was a folder called TST on the disk. Opening up that folder, and running the setup.exe file inside (only file inside), it installed the Touch Screen Tools driver. After restarting, I could use the touch screen as a mouse. However, I could not get the Touch Screen Tools configuration to run. After looking it up, the tech support told me that it was because I am using a 32-bit Windows system. So no one-touch scrolling, etc., for me. =/ But the touch screen still works! =)
SUMMARY: Run the setup.exe file in the TST folder to install the Touch Screen Tools driver. If you do not have 64-bit system, you will not be able to configure the touch screen settings.
EDIT2: I just saw the post below, and I\'ll try it. Thanks!
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