Working toward the shape and size of a credit card is proving a popular pathway for designers of multitools and knives. This compact and pocket-friendly form lends itself well to the ethos of everyday carry, and the Distinct from New York's Chiseled Design is one that packs in quite a bit of punch, with more than 30 different functions on offer from the one slimline package.

Though there are quite a few tools around that take the form of a credit-card-shaped package, these tend to be on the simpler side. In dreaming up the Distinct mulitool, Chiseled Design put a huge emphasis on versatility, and the result is a very impressive suite of implements packaged for everyday carry.

The design centers around a multi-tasking T-shaped tool fitted with a magnetic tip to hold screwdriver bits and hex bits, which slide in neatly alongside the larger tool inside the Distinct's stainless steel body. When the T-shaped tool is removed for use, it opens up access to these voids so that different bits can be slotted inside depending on what tasks the user is tackling that day.

It can accommodate up to 10 bits at a time, and there's a handy neodymium N52 magnet built in that allows loose bits to be pinned to the outside of the tool as you work to prevent them going missing.

Also built into the Distinct is a metric wrench set with six different sizes, a bottle opener, a file, a wingnut tool, box cutter, string cutter, wire benders and a wire stripper. A set of five spoke wrenches also feature on the top of the removable T-shaped tool for on-the-spot bike wheel repairs.

Chiseled Design took to Kickstarter to get the Distinct tool into production, and found great success raising a touch under US$50,000 in the process. Pledges of $30 were available for a basic version including 10 hex bits, though with the campaign having just drawn to a close those interested will need to enquire via Chiseled Design's website.

You can check out the Distinct in the promo video below.

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