The question of the hottest, most beautiful new car of the year is never an easy one. So many beautiful sports cars, ultra-luxury sedans and design studies are born during any year, it's hard to come up with a definitive answer. Yet, ask the question about 2012, and all the red sports coupes, unconventional concepts and bulging off-roaders would jostle for position for mere milliseconds before ceding to two instinctive selections: "McLaren P1" and "Lamborghini Aventador J."

While the P1 novel still has many chapters to be written, the Aventador J was but a fleeting one-of-a-kind short story that came, enthralled and retired. But it looks like it will live on through tuners like Germany's DMC Tuning.

Not long after the Aventador J debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March, London coachbuilder Prindiville offered its own take on the concept. Now, another version of the concept car is on its way.

Actually, the Aventador being designed by German tuning house DMC won't necessarily be an open-topped knock-off of the original concept. The short media alert that DMC released with the teaser photo does mention that the front bumper was inspired by the Aventador J's, and a quick comparison confirms some similarities. Other than that, it's unclear how much "J" is blended into the the Aventador tune.

Does the bumper give way to a sharp nose as on the Aventador J? Does a roofless, windshield-less split cockpit sit on the other end of the hood? Will it pack the 200-hp boost of the Aventador LP900 Molto Veloce package that DMC just showed at the SEMA Show? We'll find out in about a month, as DMC plans to unleash its latest Bull on December 12. Until then, enjoy a few photos of the original in our gallery.

Source: DMC via World Car Fans

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