Here's something you don't see every day - it's a concept based on a concept, and it comes from London coachbuilder Prindiville. Prindiville's eight-only Limited Edition Lamborghini Aventador is already on sale, and it's so keen to get its hands on the Aventador J Concept which Lamborghini showed in Geneva in March, that it has released this concept based on the original concept.

Power is up from 700 to 805 bhp thanks to an ECU remap and a new titanium exhaust, and the top speed will be over 220 mph (350 km/h). Prindiville Design has extensive experience in carbon fiber manufacture and construction techniques for the automotive, aeronautic and marine industries and every panel, from the front bumper to the rear diffuser and rear wing is reshaped and lightened. Although no figures are available, Prindiville believes the reworked J would be considerably lighter due to many original panels being replaced in carbon fiber. With an extra 105 bhp plus a lot less weight, the Prindiville Aventador J will be an extraordinary performance car, but the chances are that we'll never see it.

The original Lamborghini Aventador J - of which there is only one - sold privately for EUR2.1 million (US$2.75 million) and there is no guarantee another will be produced, or that production might ever happen.

The Prindiville Aventador's disk brakes have been replaced with an even more expensive high-performance grippers and ceramic disks that are claimed to be equally at home on the road and the track.

There's also a completely adjustable suspension system and as might be expected from a car reconstructed by coachbuilders, the quality of its workmanship is likely to be superb.

The interior panels and air vents of the Prindiville Aventador J are milled from aluminum, and a five-inch LCD TV screen offers access to the Prindiville entertainment system which includes a DVD player, satellite navigation, and bespoke software featuring maps, setups, and telemetry of many international race circuits.

Although Prindiville Design produces enhanced versions of the Ferrari 458, Range Rover Evoque, Lamborghini Murcielago, Land Rover Defender and Lamborghini Aventador, it also has visual tuning components for a wide range of other supercar and prestige models, including Porsche, Bentley and BMW, as well as other Lamborghini, Ferrari and Range Rover models.

Prindiville Design also produces tailor-made luggage to fit a selection of top-end supercars and indeed, with its extensive experience in carbon fiber manufacture and construction techniques for the automotive, aeronautic and marine industries, can produce entire one-off cars to a customer’s specific requirements.

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