The Drifter, by Seattle, Washington-based Drift House Campers, may appeal to those seeking a small and inexpensive trailer for weekend getaways. It boasts a bed, kitchen area, some storage space, and optional off-grid extras. Prices start at US$6,250.

There are already plenty of trailers on the market, ranging in size and price from tiny models like the Hütte Hut to larger examples, such as the rugged ADAK Trailer. The Drifter is on the smaller side and measures just 8 x 5 ft (2.4 x 1.5 m), weighing in at 1,420 lb (644 kg). It sits on 15-inch wheels and is finished in marine-grade aluminum and cedar wood.

Drift House Campers also says the trailer is well-insulated for all seasons, but we've no information on what kind of insulation it actually features. We'll update you when we find out.

Inside, the layout is simple and includes a Murphy-style bed, full-height closet, under bed storage, and a tiny kitchen area with sink and faucet – but no burner. Outside, there's a small storage chest, a holder for skis, snowboards, etc, and tie-on connections for attaching more gear. A standard electric and water hookup is also installed. Access comes in the form of a single door and a pair of double-pane windows offer natural light and ventilation.

Optional extras include a bike rack, spare wheel, extra storage, a pull-out awning, and a toilet tent. The firm also offers some modest off-grid goodies in the form of a battery and solar panel package, and solar-powered lighting.

Update Oct 7: On the subject of insulation, Drift House Campers says "We use Energy Star rated rigid insulation that is moisture resistant and made from fully recycled materials. The campers are insulated all around, including the floor."

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