Utah's Alpine Tiny Homes has completed a number of tiny houses in quick succession recently and it's notable that each one has a totally different style. Following the Brown Bear and Artist, the firm has just unveiled the English Rose: a huge towable tiny house that offers plenty of room inside, all on one floor.

The English Rose's color scheme is inspired by a traditional English cottage and, though not pictured, will feature window boxes, increasing the cottage-themed look. It measures 38 x 10 ft (11.5 x 3 m) and has a floorspace of 380 sq ft (35.3 sq m), all on one level, though there are a couple of small storage lofts. The bungalow-style layout is handy for those who don't like the idea of climbing narrow stairs or ladders, as seen in most tiny houses.

Its large deck measures 16 x 17 ft (4.87 x 5.18 m) and provides the owners' dogs a little safe space outside. The deck is retractable and an electric motor raises and lowers it with the push of a button.

The interior of the English Rose is accessed through a Dutch door and the main living area is pictured largely unfurnished, as the owner already has furniture to install. This joins onto a kitchen area with sink unit installed and space for a range cooker and fridge. There also looks to be plenty of storage space available. The ceiling is tongue and groove, while the flooring is bamboo.

A small pocket door leads to the bathroom, which includes a 5 ft (1.5 m)-long tub with shower and a composting toilet, sink, and vanity unit. There's just one bedroom but it's pretty big and includes room to stand up and lots of closet space.

You may have noticed that there aren't many windows and so not a lot of natural light inside the English Rose. This is by design and reflects both the owner's privacy concerns and her desire to get the lighting just right as she will be displaying artwork (there are also plenty of places to mount art inside).

The English Rose runs from a standard RV-style hookup. Hot water comes from an on-demand propane water heater and a mini-split unit handles heating and cooling duties. Alpine Tiny Homes tells us that it's road legal, so long as wide load signs are in place. That said, the owner doesn't plan to move it very often from its new home in Napa Valley, California, anyway.

The firm is keeping pricing to itself, but welcomes queries from those interested in commissioning something similar.

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