Top-tier tiny house firm Escape first unveiled the Traveler back in 2015 but has just announced a new, updated version called the Traveler XL Limited. Bigger and better than the original, the new tiny house also comes with more options and can sleep an impressive 10 people.

Based on a triple-axle trailer, the Traveler XL Limited measures 30 ft (9.1 m)-long and has a total floorspace of 344 sq ft (32 sq m). Both the size of the windows and their number has been increased since the last model, while the interior layout has been given a rethink too, with the couch position and table moved around and storage space increased.

Still, the interior continues to look very much like the original Traveler – which is a good thing, in our opinion, and the modern, clean design, combined with all that glazing, flatters the small space.

The ground floor is centered around a living area with optional extras like sofa bed, pop-up TV, and Blu-ray player all available. The kitchenette is adjacent and boasts full-size appliances, including a range cooker and sink. The bathroom is located to one side and has a 5 ft (1.5 m)-long tub and shower, toilet, and cabinet. An optional washer/dryer is an extra too.

The Traveler XL Limited comes with two bedrooms as standard: one master bedroom on the ground floor that boasts enough headroom to stand up, plus a loft bedroom accessed by ladder. We asked Escape how many people you could fit in there and were told that, when you add an optional second loft bedroom that has room for a couple of beds, plus the sofa bed, there should be room for 10 people, assuming a few of those were kids.

Lots of sleeping room is something we've seen before from Escape and its Vintage XL also sleeps eight people. You wouldn't want to do that full time of course, but for one night with guests over, it could be handy.

The firm has refined its off-grid options with the Traveler XL Limited and the standard solar package packs a 500 W solar panel array, linked to 200 Ah battery storage. However, this can be upgraded to a 1 kW solar panel array and 400 Ah battery storage. A standard RV hookup is also available, as are composting and non-composting toilets.

The Traveler XL Limited starts at US$78,500. Check out the video below for a tour around the home.

Source: Escape

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