The Eucalyptus, by Quebec-based tiny house firm Minimaliste, has a total floorspace of just 285 sq ft (26.4 sq m). The compact towable dwelling includes two lofts and a solar power system that offers its owners the freedom to go off-the-grid while retaining some nice home comforts, like a big TV, dishwasher, and washer/dryer.

The Eucalyptus is based on a triple-axle 28 ft (8.5 m)-long trailer, and is clad in cedar. Its front door has one of those electronic doggy doors that only allows in pups wearing the correct collar.

The interior includes a generously-proportioned U-shaped kitchen to one side which contains an energy-efficient fridge/freezer able to run from solar power, as well as a propane-powered cooker, stainless steel sink, and small dishwasher. A pull-out pantry offers some additional storage space, and the countertops are bamboo.

The living room has a couch and some space for a large TV not installed at the time photos were taken, as well as an area intended for a dining table/desk also not yet installed. Next to this is a small bathroom with washer/dryer, a tiny sink and mirror, composting toilet, shower, shelving, and storage space.

The Eucalyptus' main loft is above the kitchen and reached by storage-integrated staircase. It's used as a master bedroom and has a queen-sized bed and some additional storage. The secondary loft is used as a reading nook but can also serve as either a second bedroom or be used for storage. It's accessed by removable ladder.

Heating comes from a propane-powered heater, and the solar power system consists of a roof-based solar array, with all the batteries and other gear kept in a storage box.

"An off-grid system of 2kW is used to power the house with electricity," says Minimaliste. "The system consists of 8 x 260W solar panels, 8 x 400amp/h deep cycle batteries, two regulators and a 4000W inverter/charger. When we say it's uncompromising, we mean that it has all the elements of a conventional house: a dishwasher, a 60-inch television, a washer-dryer combo, an HRV air exchanger, a fridge with freezer, all working only thanks to the energy of the sun."

The Eucalyptus was delivered to a couple in sunny California but Minimaliste ensured it was suitable for use colder climes too, just in case they move or sell it. We've no word on the insulation used, but the firm previously outfitted both the Sakura and Laurier to handle extreme cold, so we're guessing it wasn't too much of a challenge.

The Eucalyptus came in at a total cost of 130,000 CAD (around US$101,000).

Source: Minimaliste

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