eWolf unveils the e-2: a battery-powered car with attitude

eWolf unveils the e-2: a battery-powered car with attitude
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With electric powered vehicle development picking up pace in a big way, German based company e-Wolf is looking to take things one step further after unveiling its "e-2" EV prototype. Boasting an expected acceleration of 0-60mph in under four seconds, e-Wolf is set to deliver an Italian-inspired electric "supercar" that puts the mean in green.

After recently unveiling its e-1 electric sports car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, e-Wolf has now released details of its upcoming second foray into high performance electric vehicles. The e-2 will, like its predecessor, incorporate an "ultra light carbon/aluminum construction chassis" and weigh in at around 900kgs. Taking visual cues from Italian supercars, the impressive-looking unit will feature a 134 horsepower electric motor at each wheel, with a total of 536 green horsepower and an expected 738 lb-ft of torque.

Using Li-Tec flat battery cell technology, each of the 84 cells would weigh 1kg and measure 23cm x 18cm. Distance on a single charge is expected to be around 186 miles, with a top-up recharge taking approximately thirty minutes. The two seater e-2 will have a top speed limited electronically to 155mph.

Set to take on the likes of Tesla and its popular electric Roadster, e-Wolf also claims it will prove the power behind the promise by entering the ultra-sleek e-2 in a 24 hour race, at the first available opportunity.

With a planned roll out in 2011, more details on the e-2 may be found at the e-Wolf website.

sociopathic uber-class toy deluxe. Authorization to destroy on sight hereby granted.
If I had a dollar for every slick photoshop "prototype" of a startup company's latest great e-sports car... well, I'd be rich.
Most might actually get around to get the funding to make one or two units before going broke... so caveat emptor before putting down a deposit.
Look at the uphill battle Tesla has had with real world issues...and good on 'em for actually producing real, driveable vehicles.
The E-2 supercar by E-Wolf *looks* great in photoshop (don't they all?), but let's see some REAL cars, not just one-off wonders for a car show (e-1).
Cheers, Doc
definately not a Wolf in sheeps clothing !,,,,,,,,,,,, all I can say is,,,,, WOW !
Looks cool, but GT-R lights on an Enzo body with Lamborghini Reventon bumpers would look cool...
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QuickNick is right, most of the design elements are copied from other icons-some of them are not even dead yet
Ya just ONCE I\'d like to see one of these things hit the road for real! While I\'ve made no bones about the fact that I don\'t like electric cars, but if some of these exotic ones could get made and \"work\" as advertised it could serve to change my mind about them. I think the fact that even these unlimited dream budget types can\'t seem to over come the inherent short comings of battery powered cars just shows how far we have to go with them! I\'m just say\'n! :-)
Dawar Saify
This is made for pleasure, part of the pleasure is raw engine sound, this might require speakers, but that\'s no fun. The front looks like a revention.