With electric powered vehicle development picking up pace in a big way, German based company e-Wolf is looking to take things one step further after unveiling its "e-2" EV prototype. Boasting an expected acceleration of 0-60mph in under four seconds, e-Wolf is set to deliver an Italian-inspired electric "supercar" that puts the mean in green.

After recently unveiling its e-1 electric sports car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, e-Wolf has now released details of its upcoming second foray into high performance electric vehicles. The e-2 will, like its predecessor, incorporate an "ultra light carbon/aluminum construction chassis" and weigh in at around 900kgs. Taking visual cues from Italian supercars, the impressive-looking unit will feature a 134 horsepower electric motor at each wheel, with a total of 536 green horsepower and an expected 738 lb-ft of torque.

Using Li-Tec flat battery cell technology, each of the 84 cells would weigh 1kg and measure 23cm x 18cm. Distance on a single charge is expected to be around 186 miles, with a top-up recharge taking approximately thirty minutes. The two seater e-2 will have a top speed limited electronically to 155mph.

Set to take on the likes of Tesla and its popular electric Roadster, e-Wolf also claims it will prove the power behind the promise by entering the ultra-sleek e-2 in a 24 hour race, at the first available opportunity.

With a planned roll out in 2011, more details on the e-2 may be found at the e-Wolf website.