Online photography marketplace EyeEm recently held a competition to highlight the beauty of minimalism in architecture. The call was answered with some 45,000 photos, which were whittled down to these 20 standout entries.

The competition, called the Minimalist Architecture Photography Mission, was held in collaboration with We and The Color. The top three winners were chosen by German photographer Matthias Heiderich and awarded a portfolio review by him. Owing to the minimalist theme, they're of a very different style to the Art of Building and Arcaid Awards we reported on, but are of a very high standard.

First place

This shot of a building's facade by Georgij Dorofeev is the competition's winner. The judge was impressed by how clean the image is and notes it could be mistaken for a render – which is indeed true with most of these photographs.

"What I love about this kind of photography is that sometimes it's hard to tell whether I'm looking at a photograph or a computer generated image," explains Heiderich. But the subtleties make the difference. Photographs are never 100 percent clean. In this case it's the shadow that allows the viewer to guess it's indeed a photograph and not a CGI."

Second place

Second place went to Patryk Kuleta (Trynidada) for this photo of Zaha Hadid's Maxxi museum in Rome, which we covered briefly in our retrospective on the starchitect. The judge liked the way Rome's older buildings are captured in the building's reflection.

"I love that building," Heiderich enthuses. "What a great capture. Clearly the reflection and the colors make this a great architectural photograph."

Third place

This third-place photograph by Germany's urban poetry frames the curves of a corten steel bridge. The judge appreciated the color contrast and cloud placement.

"I can almost feel the warmth of the corten steel," remarks Heiderich. "Very good work!"

Head to the gallery to see the rest of the 20 photographs.

Source: EyeEm

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