There's fast, and there's electric fast. Faraday Future is teasing its upcoming streetcar with a video showing a disguised prototype easily walking away from a Bentley, a Ferrari and even a Tesla P100D in Ludicrous mode on the drag strip.

The "if Apple made a Batmobile" FFZERO1 might be one wild looking electric supercar concept, but the platform it's built on might be the most outrageous part about it. A 1,000-horsepower lithium-electric powertrain capable of mind-bending acceleration that's planned as the base for the entire Faraday Future range.

As we move towards the reveal of Faraday Future's first real-world consumer model in about a month's time at CES, the company is stirring the pot to drum up some anticipation.

A new video just released shows a heavily disguised FF streetcar demolishing a bunch of very fast cars in acceleration testing. Beating a Bentley Bentayaga and Ferrari 488 GTB should be no sweat for a quick electric, but the Tesla Model X P100D, another all-electric beast, makes for some pretty hefty competition in the acceleration stakes with its ability to sprint from 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 2.9 seconds. The Faraday beats it cleanly.

That kind of acceleration is a vulgar and unnecessary display of power that forces strange sounds out of passengers and serves very little practical purpose. Excellent. And the team believes the powertrain's got more in it yet, so they're working to make it even faster.

We look forward to seeing the production car in January.