Video: Faraday Future's electric streetcar outdrags Tesla P100D

Video: Faraday Future's electric streetcar outdrags Tesla P100D
The Faraday Future streetcar prototype pulls away from a Tesla Model X P100D in Ludicrous mode
The Faraday Future streetcar prototype pulls away from a Tesla Model X P100D in Ludicrous mode
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The Faraday Future streetcar prototype pulls away from a Tesla Model X P100D in Ludicrous mode
The Faraday Future streetcar prototype pulls away from a Tesla Model X P100D in Ludicrous mode

There's fast, and there's electric fast. Faraday Future is teasing its upcoming streetcar with a video showing a disguised prototype easily walking away from a Bentley, a Ferrari and even a Tesla P100D in Ludicrous mode on the drag strip.

The "if Apple made a Batmobile" FFZERO1 might be one wild looking electric supercar concept, but the platform it's built on might be the most outrageous part about it. A 1,000-horsepower lithium-electric powertrain capable of mind-bending acceleration that's planned as the base for the entire Faraday Future range.

As we move towards the reveal of Faraday Future's first real-world consumer model in about a month's time at CES, the company is stirring the pot to drum up some anticipation.

A new video just released shows a heavily disguised FF streetcar demolishing a bunch of very fast cars in acceleration testing. Beating a Bentley Bentayaga and Ferrari 488 GTB should be no sweat for a quick electric, but the Tesla Model X P100D, another all-electric beast, makes for some pretty hefty competition in the acceleration stakes with its ability to sprint from 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 2.9 seconds. The Faraday beats it cleanly.

Faraday Future | FF Prototype v. Bentley Bentayga, Ferrari 488 GTB, Tesla Model X P100D

That kind of acceleration is a vulgar and unnecessary display of power that forces strange sounds out of passengers and serves very little practical purpose. Excellent. And the team believes the powertrain's got more in it yet, so they're working to make it even faster.

We look forward to seeing the production car in January.

Source: Faraday Future

Tesla will be adding a much faster version soon with DUAL 525 HP motors. It will lose out to the new Tesla.
The title of this article is misleading. There are two "P100D" Teslas. A model S, and an X. The Model "X" (SUV) P100D does 0-60 in 2.9, but the Model "S" P100D does it in 2.5. I wonder why they didn't race the Tesla Model S P100D? The model X weights at least 500lbs more than the S.
Stephen N Russell
Love to drive FF Gen 1 model for So CA as Test driver
Dan Parker
That Faraday looks like it hit every branch on the way down when it fell out of the ugly tree.
Doing it with a test vehicle only matters if those are the planned specs of their production release really. I'm not sure how fair it was to race the X instead of the S but the Faraday Future mule in the other lane also looks more SUV sized than supercar sized too.
The FF01 at CES 2016 was just a concept car but they are supposed to unveil their production design at CES 2017 scheduled for Jan 5-8. I'm not really digging the design of the test mule either but a lot of companies do a bunch of stuff to obfuscate the vehicle design under the mule and it could just be because of that.
The X accelerates absurdly fast for an SUV. 4 cylinder SUV's are in the ballpark of 9 or 10 second 0-60 times. My 4runner is 270 HP and has a 7.7 0-60 and the P100D X is 2.8 seconds.
It's shocking what it takes to shave almost 5 seconds off the 0-60 time of a nearly 300 HP vehicle. If FF is beating that time with what appears to be an even larger vehicle the costs of the vehicle would almost have to be into the stratosphere.
It should be super useful when you want to take for family of 8 out for a day of drag racing super sport motorcycles and hypercars. I can't wait to see a youtube video of one of these beasts towing a Mustang GT or something over the 1/4 mile faster than one can finish under its own power.
Rocky Stefano
I simply cannot buy a "performance" vehicle that makes no fucking noise
Even if it is "vulgar and unnecessary", it's nice to know that the car you intend to buy isn't the slowest.
Douglas E Knapp
I read these comments and just shake my head. Who cares if you car is 2 or 7 seconds in the 60 seconds? Who cares if it makes a cool sound? What I want is a car that get me and my family to the school and work in a cheap, comfortable, safe, reliable and Earth friendly way, good looks are a bonus. It should be able to drive to grandma's house in the next city and back without a refill and it should have room to put the stuff I just bought at Ikea and a kid or three.
That's fantastic! Some of the comments remind me of my uncle, he raced a pro street nova for years with an LS7 on methanol with natural aspiration, and an absolute disparagement of anybody running any kind of forced induction! I think he found it 'unfair' that a guy could put a low-buck turbo on a car and tune it to more hp and faster times than his expensive rig. Whatever. People do find our reasons to whine, don't we. That's all good but such speed and power isn't my cup of tea, please see 'wrecked exotics' dot com for more insight. There's an entire section devoted to smashed Teslas, soon to come the Faraday section, I guess. My current fave is a homemade 3 wheel Morgan replica a guy made out of an old goldwing. There's a fun car! Jay Leno pointed out if you put the Morgan and any Ferrari side by side, the ladies all prefer the Morgan. Hands down.

All this fastest accelerating stuff is a waste. From what I have noticed the person who would by an electric car isn't really into drag racing. people want longer range and lower price of course that is a lot harder to do than putting less windings in the motor and pretending it's a breakthrough.
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