Say what you will about the wastefulness of Keurig coffee-makers, you've gotta admit that the things are convenient – you just stick a K-Cup in the top, and a single serving of coffee comes out the bottom. Well, inventor Carlos Ruiz is now hoping to bring that same convenience to freshly-baked flatbreads, with his Flatev tortilla-maker.

Users start by inserting a K-Cup-like pod, that contains a ball of tortilla dough – Ruiz plans on offering choices of flour, corn and blue corn. After the user presses a button, the machine then breaks the pod open, presses the dough flat, cooks it, then deposits it in a tray at the bottom. The whole process reportedly takes less than one minute.

The pods have to be kept refrigerated, and should sell for less than a dollar each. Down the road, plans call for other types of flatbreads to be available, such as roti, chapati and naan.

The Flatev ("Flatbread Evolution") machine itself should cost under $300, although it isn't expected to be ready for retail until 2015. You can preorder one now, though, via the first link below.

Source: Flatev via CoolHunting

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