The Mustang is an absolute icon, but even icons need the occasional refresh. Thanks to Ford Performance, that update has arrived in the form of a power-boosting package for both the EcoBoost and GT V8. Along with increases in power, the packages bring a huge torque bump and flat shift capability to the table.

Although the big V8 might be the more emotional choice, the Mustang EcoBoost is an enticing canvas for tuners. It makes 310 hp (231 kW) of power and 433 Nm (319 lb.ft) of torque in standard trim, but the same motor has been boosted to 350 hp (261 kW) and 475 Nm (350 lb.ft) under the hood of the Focus RS.

With the new Ford Performance Package upgrade fitted, the EcoBoost Mustang slots somewhere between the two when it comes to power, and blows them away in the torque stakes. Thanks to a simple recalibration, there's now 335 hp (250 kW) of power and 529 Nm (390 lb.ft) of torque on tap.

There are more options when it comes to the V8, with three separate tuning packages on the table. The first is relatively mild, taking advantage of a unique calibration and a high-flow cold-air filter to bump power from 435 hp (324 kW) up to 448 hp (334 kW) and torque up from 542 Nm (400 lb.ft) to 564 Nm (416 lb.ft).

Stepping up in the upgrade package brings a cold-air intake, bigger throttle bodies and the intake adapter from the Shelby GT350. All up, the changes offer 21 hp (16 kW) and 33 Nm (24 lb.ft) more than stock tune. The final package is focused on horsepower, raising the rev limit to 7,500 RPM for an extra 37 hp (28 kW).

Along with the boosts in power, all the upgrades to the V8 Mustang are accompanied by a flat-shift function allowing drivers (in stick-shift cars, of course) to slam home the next gear without coming off the throttle.

Ford says the upgrades are approved in all 50 US states, and won't ruin the factory warranty on the Mustang. What they will do is bring it up to speed with the Camaro SS, which has had a small edge in the power stakes since it launched last year.

Source: Ford

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