The winners of the inaugural Frame Awards have just been revealed, encompassing over 30 different interior design categories that celebrate everything from surreal retail and hospitality spaces to more experimental explorations of different materials. The competition also crowned an overall Designer of the Year and delivered a Lifetime Achievement Award to Sevil Peach, the influential Turkish interior designer who revolutionized the modern office space.

In most categories a People's Choice winner was crowned alongside the official Jury prizewinner. These tended to go to the more visually spectacular spaces, while the Jury winners often leaned in a more conceptual direction. The categories focusing in on the execution of specific details or materials delivered some of the more compelling winners.

The Jury Prize for Best Use of Color went to Marte.Marte Architects with their stunning large-scale play of black and red in the Messe Dornbirn Exhibition and Event Halls (above). The People's Choice in the same category went to the equally impressive Cloud DCS Office (below).

For Best Use of Light the Jury awarded the performance space at the Jian Li Ju Theatre Company, which is designed to immerse the audience experientially into the spirit of a 1950s Hollywood thriller. People's Choice in this category went to the exceptionally psychedelic Prismverse, a trippy installation designed to bounce light off a LED floor onto a complex, mirrored geometric roof.

X+Living was awarded Designer of the Year. This studio, founded by young Chinese designer Li Xiang, specializes in beautiful, expansive fantasy-inspired spaces, such as a department store fitting room that feels like a giant inverted birdcage (below) or a bookstore that seems like it was imagined by Willy Wonka.

The People's Choice Designer of the Year went to the Japanese digital collective TeamLab. Pioneers in incorporating state-of-the-art digital technologies into spaces designed to dynamically respond to human movement (below), TeamLab is at the forefront of blending interactive digital art with practical retail or hospitality spaces.

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The full list of Frame Award Winners can be found here.

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