The Czech Republic's Pin-Up Houses has developed a prototype prefab tiny house that may lack in amenities, but excels in cost and speed of assembly. Named France, it comes in at just US$1,200, and takes a team of three just three hours to build.

The tiny home was developed for Pin-Up Houses' ongoing research into mass-producing prefab tiny houses and designed by the firm's Joshua Woodsman. It's raised on stilts so needs no foundations, and comprises 21 insulated panels made from plywood, framing, insulation, and board and batten.

The panels, which are painted in the tricolors of the French flag, are connected together with threaded rods for quick and easy assembly and the structure is topped by a metal roof.

Inside, there's just 6.9 sq m (74 sq ft) of floorspace available, split roughly into thirds, following the theme of the flag. So, the blue space is for sleeping and contains a bed. It is divided from the rest of the interior by a partition that doubles up as storage space, with a crawl-through space in the middle.

The white space, meanwhile, serves as the lounge and contains seating and a table, while the red space features a wood-burning stove and kitchenette.

Though it's only meant as an experiment, France is actually quite a cute and promising little shelter. There's no toilet or power inside however, so it's practicality as it stands is pretty limited.

Check out the video below to see the project come to life.

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