Even after separating out the exotic sports cars, the concept cars and the trucks and SUVs, we hardly made a dent in the photos we brought back from the Geneva Motor Show. So we grouped the best remaining photos together and created one more gallery for all our car-loving readers' viewing pleasure. There are world premieres, world record breakers, retro-styled (and just plain old) coupes, and strange automotive creations. Join us for one final walkthrough of the automotive smorgasbord that was Geneva 2017.

This collection of vehicles is much more than just leftovers. Included are some sexy, intriguing and straight-out weird automobiles that simply didn't quite fit into our other categories or got overlooked the first time around. Our favorites:

Tata Racemo

The Tata brand is one of the last places we'd expect to find adjectives like "sporty" and "race inspired," but through its new TAMO innovations incubator, it channels these terms into the new Racemo. In addition to sportier, more aggressive design, the Racemo explores digital connectivity with its triple-display instrument panel. While there are a number of cars in Geneva that we'd put ahead of the 188-hp Racemo on our "must drive" list, the little Indian coupe definitely looks like a lot of fun.

Black Cuillin

We could have made 10 different categories worth of galleries, and the Black Cuillin from British coach builder Eadon Green wouldn't really fit into any of them. This retro-styled Dick Tracy extra was inspired by the Alfa 8C 2900 convertible. Frustrated by the high prices and limited availability of that car and similar classics, Eadon managing director Felix Eaton decided to design his own 1930s-style coupe and plant it atop a modern chassis. Details about the powertrain, running gear and performance are few and far between, but pictures show a V12 engine, a modern interior with push-button start, and modern equipment like LED lights. The car looks gorgeous in deep purple and is one of the true standouts of the entire show.

Catecar Dragonfly

A funky, open-air beach cruiser with serious green cred, the Dragonfly from Catecar is a prototype showcasing several green technologies. The Swiss company describes it as the first depolluting car, explaining that its special air filter removes particles to leave surrounding air cleaner, 24 hours a day, even when stationary. That sounds a little gimmicky, but the idea of a locally built, range-extended electric cruiser with solar charging roof and up to 620 miles (1,000 km) of range sounds pretty good. The Dragonfly weighs just 1,235 lb (560 kg) thanks largely to a special plant based-composite body. Catecar is still looking for business partners to take a Dragonfly-like car from prototype to reality.

See more of these cars and everything else we looked at at the Geneva Motor Show in the gallery.

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