Get the Tamagotchi connection

Get the Tamagotchi connection
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Parents beware! The next generation of virtual Tamagotchi pets has arrived and the Tamagotchi Connection now has infrared capabilities allowing it to interact with other digital pets - and even breed!

Tamagotchis, in case you didn't know, are an egg-shaped digital toy that simulates the life cycle of an animal, letting kids experience the fun and responsibility of feeding, tending to and caring for their virtual pet. The new Tamagotchi Connection line promises 'more friends and more fun!' with a novel use of infrared technology allowing owners to "connect" with their friends' Tamagotchi and bookmark up to 50 friends with whom you can visit, give gifts or play games.

With a larger display and better graphics than the original version, Tamagotchi Connection owners can care for their pet by selecting various controls to feed it food or a snack, play games with it, clean up after its messes and give it medicine when it becomes sick. And once an adult, the Tamagotchi can connect with a compatible Tamagotchi friend and have a second-generation Tamagotchi that the owner can care for and nurture into an adult to create even more generations to come!

"Taking virtual pets to a whole new level, Tamagotchi Connection's interactivity function and infrared communications ability tap into the play patterns of today's kids, who utilize the Web, instant messaging, cell phone, pagers and other hi-tech products to stay connected with friends," said Tom Conley, president of the toy trade group Toy Industry Association, Inc.

It's proven a huge success overseas with more than one million virtual pets sold in Japan alone in the first five months of its release. It's recommended for ages eight and up and retails at US $14.99 from toy makers Bandai America.

And for fans looking for more fun with Tamagotchi Connection, Bandai America has launched an official Web site: and The Tamagotchi Connection Web site is a place where virtual pet owners can "connect" with their Tamagotchi and their friends. Visitors to the site can register their pet online and receive free instant messaging buddy icons, e-cards and downloadable games and activities, such as the creating your own Tamagotchi music video.

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