Real-time Professional Golf Simulator for the home

Real-time Professional Golf Simulator for the home
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May 11, 2005 Technological progress is being lavished on the science of golf at such a rate that it’s almost hard to keep up. In the last month we’ve featured the ingenious Top Swing Golf Robot and the even-more-ingenious iClub wireless motion capture system and now we have the ProTee Golf Simulator, a state-of-the-art golf simulation system designed for the home. This simulation goes beyond gaming: real clubs and real balls can be used and computing results can be projected onto a large screen. Another new feature is the modular build-up of the system. The basic package is very affordable and can even fit in your living room with only a sensor mat of synthetic grass and the club of your choice. No need to worry about windows: balls are optional.

Professional golf players find the ProTee Golf Simulator to be one of the most advanced real-time golf simulation systems worldwide. Spectacular graphic views, synthetic grass and very accurate light sensors catching the smallest details create the ultimate 3-D virtual golf experience. Results are projected in real-time either onto the computer monitor or a large projection screen showing a virtual driving range or a virtual 18-hole golf course with bunkers, trees and water obstacles.

The player uses his own favourite clubs and can choose to play soft or hard-cover balls or no ball at all. Any choice will be matched into the smallest detail by the software set up. The ball can be played from the sensor mat and hit into a net or against a screen. Where the ball actually touches the screen, the simulation software takes over and prompts in real-time the results on screen. Every swing, chip, pitch or putt will be followed up by new and detailed analyses.

The simulator can be used at home in the garage and also for serious training sessions in recreational areas, hotels, business lounges and conference buildings. Prices vary from 1,500 to 19,000 euros. The basic system includes the advanced simulation software as well as a high-quality sensor mat connectable to a high-speed computer. Additional modules offer extra sensors, extra golf courses, a hitting cage, projectors and more. Golf shops can use it to help customers choose the right club. In several countries the fully adaptable simulator is available for rent for tradeshows, conventions and other events. Publicity can be incorporated in the virtual golf course on screen.

The possibility to easily create your own self-made golf course is another unique feature of this product. A multi-user software application will be introduced by the end of 2005, that will enable multiple users to play over the Internet. In the near future software will become available to simulate real existing golf courses. Access to the most beautiful golf courses, anywhere in the world, will then be open to anyone.

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