The rear-wheel-steer tricycle

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The adult-sized DriftRider
The adult-sized DriftRider
The smallest DriftRider
The smallest DriftRider

June 3, 2006 We never cease to be amazed at just how many combinations for three and four wheeled conveyances are possible in the quest to have some fun. Yet another completely new layout for the humble tricycle arrived on our desk this week and it's a far cry from the picture you see in your mind's eye when the word tricycle is mentioned. The new layout has been trademarked DriftRider and it's a reclining trike with a fixed front wheel and steering via both rear wheels. Offering a human-powered experience akin to that of the new motorsport known as drifting, we could see the US$170 DriftRider becoming a Christmas sensation as a new wave of tweens comes to grips with the machine's ability to slide, drift and do quite spectacular things. Check out the image gallery then the video - still images don't do the stunt capabilities justice.

DriftRider comes in three different sizes, making it suitable for tots through teens, with the primary difference in sizes facilitated by additional length of the single bar between the seat and the front wheel gooseneck. The tires are all pneumatic, not solid rubber. The front wheel drive is the same as a bicycle drive and it has bicycle brakes. The stopping capability is demonstrated in the video.

DriftRider is designed and manufactured by Steam International of Taiwan and distribution enquiries should be addressed to Alson Yen. The American DriftRider distributor is Stan Boyer of Tuffware.

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